Teasel root – Dipsacus – herb to cure lymes disease

Herbalist Susun Weed – Teasel Root tincture – find the best book and CD on curing Lymes disease called HEALING LYME by Stephen Buhner www.ashtreepublishing.com

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  1. MixtressTV says:

    Ok so is it wrong fro me to wanat to take the heads of the teasell and make an interesting bouquet? I think they are beautiful.

  2. wisewomantradition says:

    it shoudl be fine to harvest the dried seed heads…the plant no longer needs them.

  3. MzProgressive says:

    Dear WiseWoman –

    How is the tincture used for Lyme? As a tea? Is it available readily commercially?

    Lyme is said to never be “cured” – it “morphs” through different stages and can be very difficult to diagnose and treat. I would like more information on this -please?

  4. freqazoidiac says:

    Teasle grows like wildfire in Southern Ontario and I have seen it growing here on Vancouver Island in abundance. Thanks for the great video. Any practical method of using the root? should it be dried first, or can you use it raw? What kind of ratio? Thanks!!

  5. wisewomantradition says:

    fresh teasel root, chopped up, place in a jar to fill half way, then fill the jar to the top with 100 proof vodka..let sit minimum of six weeks…and use as per Matthew Wood suggests, 3 drops three times per day for six weeks.

  6. wisewomantradition says:

    use the tincture as per Matthew Wood suggests, 3 drops three times per day for six weeks.

  7. gonePRIMITIVE says:

    do you know if teasel leaves are edible either in the 1st or 2nd years ?

  8. maciejwrotek says:

    @wisewomantradition and it induces herxing ?

  9. maciejwrotek says:

    @truemirror 3 drops 3 times a day ? or 1 drop 3 times a day ?

  10. maciejwrotek says:

    @truemirror That is what i wanted to know. I have an idea that perhaps teasel in smaller doses works as a palliative, and i higher induces herxing and can lead to pathogen eradication Perhaps it is better to spread the dose through the day so the chemicals were present and worked in smaller concentration constantly in the blood.

  11. maciejwrotek says:

    @wisewomantradition so one makes teasel root tincture by eye ? Because amount of the root in the tincture will determine how many drops are effective, is not it ?

  12. digitalHis says:

    If you don’t mind a forward suggestion… Many people with chronic lyme disease find that if a person refers to it as “lyme’s” disease, then they assume that person does not know much about it. Thus, if you want to help people with lyme and have them take the video as a serious way to treat lyme, it might help to have it say “lyme disease.” Otherwise, they might not take it seriously. Thank you for showing us about Teasel Root.

  13. canefan17 says:

    Why is teasel root so beneficial?

    Does it have anti-spirochetal properties?

    I just started Buhner’s herbs and I heard teasel is good to complement them because it helps draw the bugs out from hiding!

  14. mehditalib says:

    i know the guy who invented this treadment personaly ……
    he got our washing machine lol!

    im not jocking!


  15. grac27 says:

    My step mom was really sick for a couple years and kept getting wrong diagnoses and finally went to Colorado to a lyme disease clinic and got dx’d with lyme. She was put on a medication regimen and still felt really bad for about a year and somebody told her about Teasel root and so she went and got some and within one week now she is feeling so much better than she has in years she says. It’s amazing! I’m so glad she found a herbalist that got it for her.

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