Symptoms for Lyme Disease

The early symptoms for lyme disease usually start with a rash that resembles a bulls eye. Shortly after this a “bulls eye” rash begins, the host (you or an animal) begin to have flu-like symptoms that may appear and vanish. Unfortunately, not everyone will develop this rash so that they might not know they have Lyme Disease at all.

If you reside within a part of the globe known for having ticks you ought to be very aware of the symptoms for Lyme Disease. The symptoms for lyme disease are so common most of us can easily be brushed off as something different. So much so a large number of doctors believe that the sickness does not even exist.

What are the Symptoms for Lyme Disease and do the Treatments Work.

A 3d animation describing how Lyme disease works inside your body. And a lecture on different Lyme disease treatments.

Additional problems in identifying if someone has Lyme Disease is that the bacteria is very tough to culture within the laboratory.This means that diagnosis can only be determined from a series of questions a health care provider asks you. All the questions that the doctor asks you revolve around your location in regions recognized to have these ticks and also the symptoms that you are having.

The deer tick, a major transmitter for this disease, isn’t much larger than the end of an sharpened pencil. Because of this it can be almost impossible for a person to see or feel the tick burrowing into the skin. Also, since the host cannot feel the  tick, there is sufficient time for the tick to transmit the disease.

Progressive Stage of Lyme Disease

The more progressive stage and symptoms for Lyme Disease can be much more serious and could even bring about psychological abnormalities. A common symptom is distorted vision and/or severe headaches, fatique, insomnia and muscle pains. In some instances Meningitis has even occur in the latter stages with lyme disease.

The resulting factors in identifying the symptoms for lyme disease you can see that there is a slew of common ailments that can easily be passed off as something else. When you have all or even some of the above mentioned symptoms, you need to seek medical attention. Preferably a health care provider or physician you know who understands the seriousness of the disease.

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  1. dianne hamdorf says:

    i almost died several years ago. lost 30 pounds. i am a Celiac,also my brother and sister. I do almost all natural since nobody can help. i am looking for a lymes disease specialist near Dallas. whats the best s i have amost allthe symptoms and lived in Mn since birth but now in Texas!
    what can we do
    thank you Dianne